ShadowBuck-Winery Solar Panels


First 100% off Grid vineyard and winery in the northwest

You will see NO power lines in our valley.

The local Power Company wanted $200,000 to bring power 2 miles. So we set out to develop a 100% solar with generator backup, farm and vineyard. After lots of investigation, we have developed an all solar irrigation system with the use of gravity and solar. The buildings are also 100% solar, and the only time the generators are used is when 3-phase power is needed.

We are in the process of designing a 3-phase solar power system to offset the use of 3-phase generators.


Working Farm - Thriving Vineyard

Our family-owned, 500-acre farm and vineyard is a testament to our commitment to sustainable, solar-powered practices and nurturing the vibrant wildlife that thrives in our private valley. As purveyors of fine wines and grass-fed livestock, we embrace our farm-to-table philosophy and strive to cultivate a harmonious relationship with the land.

Our mission is to share the fruits of our labor with you, offering the finest wines Oregon has to offer while preserving the environment for future generations to enjoy. Join us at ShadowBuck Winery and experience the essence of our thriving farm and vineyard.

ShadowBuck Winery Working Farm Thriving Vineyard
ShadowBuck Winery three generation strong

ShadowBuck Winery is a boutique, family-run estate vineyard and winery, three generation strong.

At ShadowBuck Winery, our story begins with a deep-rooted passion for the land and the unwavering pursuit of excellence in winemaking. As a boutique, family-owned estate vineyard and winery spanning three generations, we take immense pride in the legacy we’ve built, grounded in our devotion to sustainability, quality, and tradition. Our journey has seen us evolve from the humble beginnings of Deere Run Winery to the distinctive and thriving ShadowBuck Winery we are today. Embracing our connection to the land and our commitment to farm-to-table values, we have become a beacon of fine wines and sustainable practices in the heart of Oregon’s picturesque Dufur Valley.

Nestled on the sun-drenched eastern slopes of Mt. Hood, our flourishing vineyard benefits from ideal growing conditions, allowing us to cultivate an array of robust reds and delightful whites. Complementing our exceptional wines, our working farm thrives as a haven for grass-fed cattle, sheep, and pigs, as well as a sanctuary for deer, turkey, and other native species. This harmonious integration of winemaking and agriculture is a testament to our belief in responsible stewardship and our dedication to preserving the environment for generations to come.

As we continue to grow and innovate, we invite you to become a part of the ShadowBuck Winery family. Join us for tastings, exclusive Wine Club events, and personal visits to the winery, where you can immerse yourself in our story and share our passion for exceptional wines and our love for the land. ShadowBuck Winery is not just a destination; it is an experience that celebrates the essence of life, family, and the enduring allure of the vine.

ShadowBuck Winery exceptional wines
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